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NameMulti Talented Artist
Basic InfoI'm a Somerset Artist working in many mediums, I live in a caravan in an eco friendly way and haven't lived in a house for 30 years. I like to have fun and be funny.
What Blog Means To YouTo me it's about pushing myself to do more. After a long days work I sometimes feel I can be bloggered to blog, but it's so rewarding when I bump into people who tell me that they love my blog. I really starting blogging with a bang in December last year, when I started my Christmas 'Advert Calendar'. Yes that's right 'Advert' not Advent. I spent a month listing different things daily that I had made; which were for sale, and each day a new door would be opened in the virtual Advent Calendar. It got crazier and crazier with imaginary famous faces turning up to buy items. All with images and illustrations too. If I were to describe my blog with one word it would be 'Puntastic' !

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Social Medialollygolding. (Instagram), multitalented artist @lollgolding (twitter)


PrimaryArts & Culture
SecondaryGreen & Eco

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