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I am a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blogger and have been blogging for just over a year. I created my blog because I found it difficult to find reviews that covered everything that I needed to know about a product. Therefore, I focus on in-depth product reviews covering every aspect of a product so that my readers can make a decision on whether or not a product is for them. I tend to try to keep my blogs lighthearted so my (weird) personality can shine through, although I will include more serious information when I think it's needed.

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Blogging to me is a creative outlet where I can talk about what I like and dislike about products. I love testing new things and blogging gives me an opportunity to do this and share my experiences. I used to feel like I couldn't be myself as I thought people wouldn't like me as much if I showed my personality in my posts, but I'm coming into my own now and have noticed that people respond well to posts that show who I am more. Blogging to me means being honest and open with my readers whilst having fun testing things out (even if they go horribly wrong) on the way. I love blogging and think about my blog 24/7. Whilst I may not have a large following, I appreciate every single person who is following me and I like to think that my passion and genuine love outshines my follower count. My blog has allowed me to develop and grow and has skyrocketed my confidence over the last year and a bit. Without it I would still be the shy person who I was last year, watching bloggers and secretly wishing I could join them, but being too scared of rejection.

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