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NameMr Hill Musings
Basic InfoMy teacher blog is a platform for reflecting, sharing and professional learning. On a weekly basis, I blog about my practice and/or the latest ideas in the field of education. My blog challenges the status quo by taking a fresh look at divisive topics like homework and standardised testing. As a UK teacher abroad, my blog offers unique perspectives from international systems and colleagues. Reflecting my teaching philosophy, it balances new (often tech-based) topics with traditional ideas that have always mattered in education, such as the need for strong teacher-student relationships.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging continues to benefit me profoundly in both personal and professional ways. It is an important part of my teaching practice as opposed to an additional hobby. Blogging has made me more confident, reflective, open-minded and creative. I am more informed about educational topics because, through blogging, I research, synthesise and consolidate important ideas so that I can share them with others. Last but certainly not least, it is one way that I connect with my colleagues across the globe. I am a huge believer that teachers should be connected for so many reasons. Blogging has allowed me to build strong relationships with teachers near and far. We support, inspire and challenge each other. Blogging is making me a better teacher because I am continually learning and growing.

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