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NameMiss Eve E.
Basic InfoMy blog covers many topics from general sex education, accessibility, sex work and the adult industry, to discussing sex and disability. I also pick apart sex toys to look at just how accessible - or usually how inaccessible they are, to show that accessibility doesn't just stop at outdoor ramps.
What Blog Means To YouAs a disabled queer woman I feel it is important to use my blog to share my story to let people know they’re not alone. I grew up thinking that I had to accept less than I deserve during sex because I was disabled, because I had no information, and thought it was the norm. I want to show people like me that’s definitely not the case.Blogging means that I can publish piece after piece about accessibility and sex toys because the sex toy industry is only just realising that accessibility MUST include sex toy accessibility.Blogging means I have a voice I can use to share what I’m passionate about, even though sometimes my own voice fails me due to my health.

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