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Basic InfoMy blog is about mental health. My journey, things I have learned and my experiences over a fifteen year battle with various mental illness and using that to raise awareness in all aspects of mental health.My ethos is around hope and from my blog website I send 'Happy Post" free to those struggling with mental health issues. I do this with an aim to make people feel less alone and with the hope of making someone smile. This is totally free with all costs covered by myself. It usually includes an inspirational quote A5 print along with a little handwritten note and sometimes some little extras as and where I can off the back of my handmade ETSY shop. I'm a firm believer that sometimes the smallest of things can make a big difference to someone and so that's why I send Happy Post.As well as my blog section where I write about different aspects of mental health in aim to raise awareness and create things that people can relate to I also have a vlog section where I "speak out" about mental health topics from my own experiences and things that I want to raise awareness on. Both my blogs and vlogs I aim to keep less about my own day to day with mental health issues as a lot of blogs do but more about specific topics that will raise awareness and using my own experiences to talk about those as my overall aim is to have a blog that is both informative but from personal experience and so something that people can relate to and feel like it is possible to get through difficult times.I also have a "Media" section which includes anything that I have been in the media for regarding mental illness, for example one of my most recent posts in that section is the BBC interview I did in relation to the new statistics on teenage self harm where I spoke about my own experiences.Overall my blog is aimed to be a place that offers hope from someone that has had a long struggle for many years with mental illness and has a lot of personal experience battling the system and getting to a better place to show that it may not be perfect but things can and do get better.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging to me is a positive way to use my own experiences and put them to good use to help others. I like to believe that my own struggles have been for something and that something to me is to help other people and raise awareness and campaign on topics related to mental health. I hope to build on my website and my blog and to build on how I use to it help other people and have a lot of ideas that I am hoping to do.It means that I can use my voice in a positive way and hopefully have a positive impact on just one person and I really hope to build on this as I believe that I have had a lot of experience within my own journey and I hope that that I can continue, my blog and website are the foundation for me being able to do this and how I have been found by both media and people who are struggling and even those who have been suicidal who I have spoken to and hopefully helped as well as signposted to places they can get experienced help and that's what it's all about for me.

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