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In this weekly blog, the small team here at Cambridge Mathematics write about a wide range of issues in mathematics education - from ideas about useful research to ways of approaching teaching particular topics in fine detail to the interesting mathematics in everyday life, as well as interviews with up-and-coming young mathematicians, established voices in maths education and a range of different professionals, considering how maths is used in their working life.

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We make time to blog to a high-quality standard every week because we want to share our important work in maths education in real-time, and to connect with the large community of maths teachers, researchers and educationalists who are all bound by the fascination with the topic (as well as frustration, at times!) that we share. We like to think we have a unique take on writing about maths education, from very formal mathematical ideas all the way to more trivial matters like maths and comedy. The multiple voices in our team mean we can tackle a very broad range of issues in the blog and we encourage readers to comment and connect with us on social media to ensure it is a dialogue rather than a linear process. We really enjoy blogging about our work and we think that comes across to readers of Mathematical Salad!

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