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I am a Psychotherapist and mum of boys (with another baby on the way). I started an Instagram account just over a year ago with the aim of getting inspiration for a house move. Slowly I introduced personal and professional mental health insight. I talk about my own experience with mental health in the hopes that it will give other people the words to speak about theirs. I share my professional insight in the hopes that it will equip, empower and motivate people on their own journey with mental health. I now do one-to-one coaching sessions with my followers via SKYPE, I also do 'Mental Health Lives' on a regular basis where I answer questions in a Q&A style to bring insight and clarity to people. These last 45 minutes and are attended by up to 1k people. I also have written a course called 'The Nice Girl Course' on people pleasing, emotional resilience and confidence which contains professional insight, journal points and challenges. I am now working towards writing an resource on 'Anxiety' as this is another topic that is well received. My blog is an extension of my Instagram account where I write lengthier pieces for people on topics such as anxiety, parenting and mental health, providing lots of tips and tools.

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A year ago, I would never imagined that I could talk about mental health in this way, in this context - through Instagram and blogging. I didn't expect that I could move away from the 'blank slate' professional idea of being a therapist, into interlacing both my personal and professional insight and experience, in a way that I could maintain integrity to both myself and my profession. It has been an incredible, experience and I'll forever be passionate about taking therapy out of the therapy room.

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