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NameLucy Goes Dating
Basic InfoLucy Goes Dating charts the sometimes funny, sometimes saucy, sometimes sad, but always brutally honest and relatable dating stories of Lucy, a 39-year-old single Londoner, as she navigates the shark-infested-waters of London's dating pool. Each week on a Saturday there's a new chapter or a new story, and Lucy sometimes shares advice or random musings about dating too.
What Blog Means To YouDating is tough, and to do it for as long as I have, you need a survival strategy. LucyGoesDating does just that: allowing me to share my thoughts and experiences, the good and the bad, which is cathartic. Now every bad date is a good story, and every good date is a bonus! What's even better is that sharing my stories has allowed me to connect with the most incredible, supportive community of fellow daters who are always there for me, as I am for them. I've been told I've really helped people out and made them feel less alone, and that alone makes all the hard work worthwhile.

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