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Basic InfoLondon Theatre Reviews is a blog that I’ve started on January 2018. The idea was to talk about theatre in an accessible way. Make theatre easy, in other words.Also, I wanted to give a voice to new artists (especially actors). The ones you don’t see in the newspapers or big blogs.The success was totally unexpected. In few months people started to follow and comment the posts, especially in the last months. The blog became a magazine with reviews, but also news and interviews.We also showed behind the scenes of famous musicals like Bat out of Hell, Phantom of the Opera or 42nd Street (and others) and the takeovers were seen by thousands and the actors got questions even from Asia.We are today the first IG London Theatre Blog and we have a massive follow that makes LTR a huge community, where everyone can express an opinion and talk about theatre. I am grateful to all the people who follow us.I don’t sell tickets or have publicity, so everything we post is independent. I encourage people of my team (growing so much, I have now a team of 12 who help me with the reviews) to be honest and opinionated about their reviews. I don’t give stars just because I know the PR or for courtesy or things like this.The two words of LTR are “simply and honestly” and this is how I want to keep my blog.Personally, I am surprised and extremely happy to have created such a big and lively community of theatre lovers (well, there are also many actors and producers and theatre workers in general between my followers) and I think it is something special. But I don’t consider it something that happened because of me. Well, partially yes, because I started it and even if I was a theatre lover, I did not know much about the business or PR agencies or social media (and I still don’t – I work as a Doctor, that as you can imagine it is not a world very close to theatre and also English is my second language, too). I think it happened because of London, because this city makes things happen and gives a voice to anyone who has something to say. I think this blog is a little miracle. A London miracle.What amazes me, it’s that if we achieved this in a few months, I can’t imagine how many things we can do in the future. All I know is that LTR will always be a free space where people can come together, read and talk about theatre. Simply and honestly.
What Blog Means To YouFor me blogging means to make theatre easy for people. Not long, complicated reviews, or long interviews. We go straight to the point and we give clear information and reviews.As you can imagine, a blog so big needs time. So much time. News can come anytime, we are invited to see and support shows and I take my role very seriously. I have actually been reducing the hours of my (real) job to be able to give to the blog all the attention that it needs.I don’t know if I feel lucky or privileged but it is a good feeling and I will put all my efforts to make LTR always bigger and better.

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