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NameLive whilst you're alive
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This blog is a combination of lifestyle and travel, primarily focusing on London Life', showing people all the fun things there are to do in and around London. The meaning behind the name is a motto I have tried to live by for a long time. Someone once told me there was a difference between "living" and "existing" and so "living whilst you're alive" is something I try to achieve by getting out and about every weekend and trying something new!

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To me, it started off as a memory box. I have tried to create scrapbooks, and diary's, but never kept them up. This was a way to create an online diary of memories I can look back on when I am older. As my blog has developed, I am now beginning to see the effect it has on the wider community. I love finding out what else there is to do out there, and appreciate people's opinions and tips, especially in regards to travel and lifestyle. I have upcoming lifestyle blog pieces that incorporate a lot more advice and tips into them to help others. Finally, I think blogging brings people closer and shows that you are not alone in your thoughts. Looking at deeper topics such as mental health and relationships, I find extremely useful understanding that other people are going through similar things, and how they have came through the other side is really inspiring :)

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