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Two big changes have occurred in my life in the last two years: I was made redundant from my job in broadcasting whilst on maternity leave and I decided to become vegan. You wouldn't think that these two facts could be linked but in fact, they were my inspiration and the push I needed to finally start writing the blog I always wanted to write. Little Green Duck is a mix of vegan food and lifestyle, eco issues and a little bit of family life and parenting. "Always with one eye on the planet" is my mantra. The blog has also kickstarted my freelance writing and consultancy career, so I really do have blogging to thank for an entire change in lifestyle!

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The start of a whole new chapter of my life - leaving behind corporate life to concentrate on something I love, and building up a like-minded community of readers and followers who are invested in my story and some of whom I already consider to be friends I haven't met (yet)

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