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Little Ankle Biters was born in July 2017, the love child of Kate Gregory and Michelle Cairncross. Having worked together for 9 years in the corporate world of brand marketing, we were both on the lookout for a new challenge and recognised the need for a site where mums, dads, grandparents and carers could come and find all the local information they needed for their children. With four children and two dogs between us, we understood how much pressure there was on family life and the constant need to juggle more and more balls (often on fire and exploding around our heads). What if there was somewhere people could go and immediately get ideas for where to visit when there was a monsoon raging outside (we’ve all been there). Or somewhere with trusted reviews on child-friendly restaurants that they wouldn’t turn up to to discover the hallowed play area was in fact a turf of grass the size of a postage stamp (again, we’ve all been there!) And what if, just maybe, that was all in one easily accessible place? And from that sprung forth Little Ankle Biters, and we were besotted.

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Being able to instantly share tips and local information with busy parents. Sharing our experiences to help make life with kids easier and more fun. Being part of a community with like minded mums and dad and supporting other similar bloggers.

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