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NameLife in laymans
Basic InfoBasically, my blog is a life science blog that aims to elucidate research for the average 'Layman' to understand. I combine real researched science with friendly 'fluff' for readers to casually connect with. I also throw in the odd (and often over-thought) joke for good measure.The reason I started this was because after graduating, I noticed that there was so much fantastically exciting scientific breakthroughs happening that the ordinary individual didn't know about. Although unfortunately, even if they did they wouldn't be able to understand it because the original research paper would be shrouded in complicated scientific terminology.Therefore, I've set myself the goal to break it all down into the most digestible way possible. I've explored areas such as human mating patterns and meditation as a form of controlled 'death'; enjoying the process more than I anticipated.The end goal of my blog is purely to share some of the science that I find interesting with the rest of the world in a fun way that can be understood by all. And If I can do this without too many mental break downs in between then i'll consider it a success.Thanks, Paul
What Blog Means To YouIt means working to your own personal strengths to communicate to the world what you believe needs to be heard.These strengths can be a particular knowledge or understanding you have of a specific field or an ability to communicate well to a target audience of yours.Blogging is the original beacon of the world wide web that creates for almost anyone the platform to make themselves heard.It brings thoughts together. It brings ideas together. But most importantly, it brings people together.It allows us to understand each other.That is what blogging is to me.

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