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NameLeopard Gecko
Basic InfoLeopard geckos are touted as one of the best reptiles to get if you're new to reptile keeping, so many new owners mistakenly think that it will be easy to care for them, and purchase one without understanding the correct way to care for them. Reptiles require completely different care to mammals, and I frequently come across so many cases of leopard geckos being looked after incorrectly which is incredibly saddening. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and research can be daunting for a new leopard gecko owner, so Leopard Gecko Care was created as a helpful, friendly and easy-to-understand page, providing accurate and helpful information around keeping leopard geckos as pets. It includes information on how to set up their enclosures, how to feed, reviews, tips and more. The aim is to make sure there are as many happy and healthy geckos in captivity as possible.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging to me means being able to educate a wide audience, and share my passion and knowledge in my own online space. Blogging, combined with my social media accounts, has also connected me with a fantastic community of like-minded individuals, and most importantly has shared with thousands of people my experience of being a leopard gecko owner, making sure they have the best knowledge possible about these adorable pets.

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