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Basic InfoMy blog is my little space on the internet where i share things that i am passionate about and have a lot of interest in, my recent life changes has made me want to include more family friendly content as i have just had a baby so i want to make content that is relatable to young mums out there who may want a little advice but also a place where they can also read about fashion, beauty and things like that. I also have a youtube channel which includes beauty videos, Haul videos and vlogs which i have recently started to produce as i enjoy looking back on memories.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is a great way for me to express my experiences, hobbies and everyday interest, it allows for me to share this with like-minded people or people who generally enjoy reading. Blogging makes me happy especially when i am able to brighten someones day or help them out in any way. I also like the fact that i can be as creative as possible, i am fully able to be myself and that each blogpost is one-of-a-kind.

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