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NameLads Holiday Guide
Basic InfoIn a single word..? Banter!There's probably a good reason over 180,000 men follow the Facebook page…The website is a good mix of sh*ts and giggles, travel tips and genuine life advice.LHG covers a variety of less spoken topics from the rules of cheating on holiday and the easiest places on Earth to get laid… to subjects less controversial (and more helpful) - such and how to get over your fear of flying and the most romantic destinations to take your missus.Oh, and I also built a free tool for Londoners (like me) looking for cheap clubbing holidays. - thank me later :)
What Blog Means To YouORIGINALLY, I only started blogging because I needed some content whilst trying to learn how to code websites, after all, people gifted with a healthy dose of dyslexia and ADHD cannot write for a living can they…? WRONG. Turns out they can, and here’s proof!After 36 months of keeping to a post break-up challenge, which entailed travelling to a new city every month (whilst keeping a full time job btw) - it only made sense to write about each trip, in between binge watching HTML tutorials.Before long, I started to get the hang of both writing and coding… I guess that’s what happens when you dedicate your time to something…Now I’d like to bin off the 9-5, so I can cover more topics and build more free tools for my readers to use.But to answer the question, blogging proved something to me.

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