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NameKnife of Brian
Basic InfoMy blog is a very personal account of my life and experiences in the world of professional kitchens. My post are mostly targeted at the hospitality sector and has been picked up by The Staff Canteen website, where my blogs are featured monthly. I write from a chef's perspective. I'm trying to give the general public a realistic view of life as a chef. It's not all pristine whites and signature dishes. I am a working chef first. My blogs are part of my therapy in this very challenging sector. I cover topics from mental health though to listing "comments chefs love to hate"
What Blog Means To YouI write for myself. I write for fun. I write to improve myself as a person. Blogging is MY therapy. It is my way to "Brain-dump" some of the frustrations and joys of this industry I love. I was never academic. I failed my GCSEs at school and I still struggle with reading (very slow) and my writing takes time. This is my voice, in a noisy world, trying to say something people want to hear. My blogs are always honest and sincere. I am a massive over-sharer. But the comments I receive back make it worthwhile.

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