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Basic InfoJUMPCUT ONLINE was created back in 2015 by two friends with an intense passion for film. Now, our team currently consists of around 20 incredibly talented writers who volunteer their time and energy to create amazing content for us; including reviews, news articles, think pieces and box office reports. We also have a number of regular contributors who ask to write pieces for our site because they enjoy working with us and engaging with our readers and Twitter followers.But this is just the start of the JUMPCUT journey! In 2019 we will be dipping our toes into the world of podcasting and branching out to deliver our content to even more people! We'll also be releasing our new short film, which is written and directed by JUMPCUT's founder.This year our website has had 4x as many hits per month than we were getting last year and we believe that's down to the fantastic and honest content our teams creates. We use our social media platforms to engage with our readers and film fans alike. We're astounded by this year's statistics and it has motivated us to think big for next year and find new ways attract new readers. We'll also be holding our first charity event next year, which will hopefully be in the form of a special charity screening somewhere in Sheffield, as well as members of our team partaking in 24 hour movie marathons to raise some money.
What Blog Means To YouFor me personally, I began blogging to help improve my writing skills by talking about something I was passionate about. My own blog hardly got any views, but gaining views wasn't my target, becoming more confident and improving my own writing was - and it worked!Blogging led me to being asked to write for JUMPCUT ONLINE on a regular basis a few years ago, but here I am now as the Editor-in-Chief with a team of amazing writers producing content for us. I like to see JUMPCUT ONLINE as a platform to help people get their foot in the door with film reviews and journalism, as well as help improve the team's confidence in their own writing capabilities. A number of our writers run their own blogs, which they started for the very same reason I did, and some write for a number of sites.We are often emailed by budding writers who want to be part of what JUMPCUT has to offer because they've seen the comradery between the team and how we support one another.Blogging has also allowed us to be part of a community that supports one another and has formed real friendships.

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