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Basic InfoJokerside presents long-read essay, opinion pieces and features on all aspects of pop culture – matched with black n’ white Jokertoons. Covering film and television, the arts and literature to video gaming, Jokerside looks for unusual slants and sideways glances when analysing media trends, celebrating events and anniversaries and creating discussion. The cartoons are as important as the articles, providing alternative ways to link themes and search content. Film - we've got it, from 2015's series on Hollywood dystopia to catch ups with the great icons of gothic horror at the cinema. We're not celluloid-sizeist: we love television, from the latest American series to home-grown Time Lords! Music's been there from our first post, from re-writing Parklife lyrics to Revolving with The Beatles and seeing DJs in and out of radio stations. And we absolutely love hanging around with Mario, whether falling off a pixelated platform or on bursting into the parallel universe of the silver screen. Every six months we publish a Fictionside that takes a specific look at the trick of making pop culture, from the different types of Hollywood reboot to sequelitus and... We like nothing more than a good anniversary! We celebrate all manner of musical, filmic and televisual anniversaries, including our huge multi-media homage to one of those fixed points of pop-culture zeitgeist: 1966! A sense of humour, a sideways glance at TV and film, some long reads to get stuck into -and plenty of illustrated discussion fodder - that's Jokerside!
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is communication - the crucial, brilliant facet of the internet that connects every other part. It’s where the smallest ideas can grow and flourish, where the like-minded come together from the diverse areas, and the group meets the individual. It represents the past, future and particularly the present of what the world wide web can be like nothing else.

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