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NameJenna Wimshurst
Basic InfoFocused around lesbian culture, feminism and travel, my blog uses comedy and humour to talk about subjects in a way that not only informs readers but also entertains.In my blog I also explore mental health, sexism and general LGBT culture, using humour to tackle some of the more tougher issues.
What Blog Means To YouHaving been a stand up comedian for a few years I thought that I would give that a rest and instead pour my energy into creating funny blogs in order to reach a wider audience.I've always thought of blogging as a great way to expressing myself truthfully about a variety of subjects. My shyness restricts me from having open conversations on things like sex, feminism and mental health, but I can do it freely via my blog.I have always struggled with my mental health and trying to always please people, but I've found that blogging has given me a platform to be my true self (as cheesy as that sounds!) and I put my strong opinions and thoughts on lesbian culture and feminism out into the world... I also like to make people laugh and it's easier/warmer to do it through a blog rather than travelling in the evening to stand on a stage in front of drunk stag/hen parties.

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