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Basic InfoIsonomia is a blog that provides expert commentary and analysis on environmental issues. A major focus for the blog is resource management, but our experts cover a wider set of concerns. Many of our authors are from Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd, but we are determined to be more than simply a corporate, sales-focused blog, and draw in many authors from other sources to make use of the platform we have developed. A particular goal is to develop young writing talent - two authors we worked with this year won prizes in the ISWA young blog writer competition.
What Blog Means To YouThe name Isonomia means equality of political rights. For me, blogging is a way to allow our authors to develop and express their thinking in a public forum, where it can be received and evaluated by their peers and help to influence and change the consensus.My favourite of Isonomia's blogs are those that raise an issue that few people are talking about and bring it to fresh prominence and those which take a piece of received wisdom or a popular myth and show in detail why it is mistaken.The blogs I value most are ones where people with great expertise share their insight into their field - I get a great deal out of reading economics blogs like or With Isonomia, I aim to select authors and topics who can equally bring expertise to bear on environmental topics, to go beyond simply complaining about environmental problems and move towards practical solutions.

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