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NameIncidental naturalist
Basic InfoMy blog is about wildlife. I present wildlife with the intent of joining the creature in front of the lens to my story that is behind the lens. That story may be one of travel, or of realised childhood dreams. Most wildlife articles focus on photography or science. I believe that there is story in between those two essential ingredients and that is the story that I bring to life. It is a love story. I want to help people connect with wildlife on an emotional level and to show how easy it is experience wildlife, from the swan drifting across a London summer pond to a Bengal tiger prowling through the amber glow of the morning sun in RajasthanIncidental Naturalist has over 7000 followers on WordPress and has been featured as WordPress Editor’s Pick on 5 separate occasions.
What Blog Means To YouWhen I became a dad, I wanted to be present for my son as much as possible. That meant that I couldn’t spend as much time out in nature, and many of my wildlife encounters became incidental to some other activity. By 2015 this idea became a blog. At that stage my photography was ordinary, my IT skills close to non-existent and I had never written anything in my life. In fact, English Literature was my worst exam result in school by some distance.Blogging has had a transformational effect on my life. So, what does blogging mean to me? When you leave school with evidence in your hand that says you can’t communicate properly in your own language, and then discover by accident in your forties that you can, and your work gets recognised and celebrated, it means everything. It means confidence, it provides a community and helps me to write with integrity. I can’t imagine not blogging now. A wise person once said, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”. That is how I feel about spending my evenings blogging after a day at work. But most of all it means I have a voice which can be used to make a difference to our planet, that so desperately needs voices that speak for it.I hope my son will have my blog as a permanent insight into my love of nature and who I am, and perhaps one day, if it is something that inspires him, he will pick up the reins and grow the blog as his own.

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