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Basic InfoI Wrote Those is a potpourri of stories. Some involve the escapades of a stay-at-home dad who possesses super powers such as jumping over LEGO towers and the ability to deftly move out of the path of projectile food particles. Often, you'll find some fresh, cauldron-boiled fiction that sometimes thrills, and at times, spooks. At times, you’ll find a bit of good-natured ribbing of the strange twists and turns that life throws at us.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is an amazing avenue for anyone who wants to get their voice heard. It may have started as a way to replace an offline diary, but today, blogging offers a treasure trove of opportunities. It has expanded from mere self-expression to a way to stand up and be counted. On a personal level, for me blogging has opened doors to new friendships, a wonderful network of international bloggers and of course, helped me identify my true calling - which is writing great content.

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