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Basic was launched in February 2018 as an informative blog to outline the principles of dressage, illustrate correct training, and break down dressage movements.At the end of July 2018, we released the How To Dressage Book onto Amazon (paperback and Kindle) where we reached #2 in the category of Equestrian & Animal Sports ( can be a complicated (and sometimes subjective) sport to understand. The goal of the website is to explain dressage and make it simple.
What Blog Means To YouWhen I owned my own horses and competed in dressage, I found it very stressful not being able to improve my scores. Later, I started getting involved with dressage judging and running competitions. My eyes were opened seeing horses and riders from the judges point of view. Most people (including my past self) over-complicate the idea of dressage. Through working with Dressage judges and top class riders, I am able to help make dressage simple (and less stressful) for current competitors through

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