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NameHot Flush
Basic InfoOne year ago on World Menopause Day October 18th 2017, was launched.Hot Flush founder’s Ann and Jo had stumbled into the ‘menopause club’, ill-prepared, for the forecast of doom and gloom. This didn’t resonate with us, so we decided to set up our own website, underpinned with a spirit of positivity. Our aim is to help time-poor women find their way through the menopause ‘fog’, so that they can come out on the other side, being the best that they can be, post-menopause and beyond.We’ve created a lively colourful, and positive site. Offering credible advice by expert contributors as a gateway to the latest research; all shared in a user-friendly and timely way. Treating menopause as an opportunity to ‘reset’ a healthier lifestyle button, We look at diet, exercise, supplements, natural therapies, medical advice including HRT, plus holistic approaches and self-help DIY advice for managing the menopause maelstrom. Everything we recommend can only help women's wellbeing, not harm.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging has allowed us to raise awareness of menopause, we've turned what has been perceived as a negative phase in women's lives, to promoting a positive outlook. We're normalising it as a natural phase that every woman will experience, breaking down the taboo that has for too long surrounded it.Blogging has allowed us to connect with many healthcare professionals and women's health campaigner's, to share their expert knowledge to a wider audience in a colourful, positive and easily accessible way.Blogging has meant we've connected with a broad range of women who have entered menopause at differing life stages, from premature menopause (young women aged 15), surgically induced early menopause, via cancer treatment or hysterectomy in their 30's, plus life affecting symptoms caused by sudden lose of oestrogen in their 40's. Women who were either too embarrassed to discuss it, or didn't get the support they needed. Blogging has allowed us to give them a voice and the courage to empower others to seek help and advice.Blogging has allowed us to speak publicly at our own women's health events and on radio, twice on BBC Radio4 Woman's Hour. Social media has allowed us to connect with so many women in various corners of the world. MP Rachel Maclean found us via Instagram and speaking in the House of Commons in a menopause debate, she credited Hot Flush as a positive menopause resource.Blogging means we are able to create a social change in attitude towards the last taboo - menopause

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