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NameHorrendously feminist
Basic InfoHorrendously Feminist is a blog that discusses big issues within the feminist movement. I have produced content on the topics of body image, catcalling, diversity, empowerment; to name a few. We are in such a momentous time for women; gaining power in the workplace and calling out personal as well as collective discrimination. Horrendously Feminist aims to be at the forefront of this conversation. I created an article for International Women's Day 2018 about the workplace sexism and discrimination that women in their 20's are experiencing. It exposed the harsh reality that Harvey Weinstein's don't simply thrive in Hollywood, but much closer to home also.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging to me, is an outlet for all my inner thoughts. It's an avenue from which I can offer women a shoulder and allow them the space to say #metoo and share their individual stories. Blogging has allowed me to create a viable platform which people offer both their praise and criticism towards and this in turn affords me the ability to not silence my critics - but to converse with them and teach them and attempt to open their eyes to an alternative viewpoint. Creating my blog has given me a sense of empowerment of completely putting my heart and sole into a passion project.

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