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NameHonest K
Basic InfoOriginally created when I was neck deep in post natal depression, I talk openly and honestly about mental health. I cover my blog and social media with huge dollops of humour, laughter breaks barriers and can be inclusive and healing. I like to talk about subjects that bust my ass, the subjects that no one really speaks out about. Such as not loving my daughter when she was born and that I question if I enjoy motherhood. I think it's important to talk about these subjects, to make them accessible and to makes others feel supported and that they are not alone in parenthood - we all call our kids an arsehole from time to time, lets just say it like it is.
What Blog Means To YouI'm passionate about smashing the stigma of real issues in parenthood, I believe so many parents feel alone and isolated because no one speaks out about the truth. Since blogging, my mental health has improved, I hope this could happen for everyone if we just become open and honest.

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