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NameHolly goes lightly
Basic InfoI’ve been blogging for 7 years and have consistently blogged about lifestyle, food, travel, interiors and now parenting and “mumboss” life. I have a really engaged audience in Manchester and the North and now creating content forms part of my full-time career. My blog, for its target audience, is aspirational but attainable.
What Blog Means To YouIt was my online CV, it was then my route to discovering a new city when I loved from london to Manchester, it’s been my cathartic release and now it’s a journal to document my life. It’s something I hope I’ll continue to treasure and that my children will enjoy reading/laughing-at in years to come. My blog has been the centre of my community and my friendships in Manchester and beyond and led me to growing my business, WeBlogNorth. It’s an essential part of my being now - sounds extreme, but it is!

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