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NameHappy and healing
Basic InfoAfter suffering with my own mental health issues for what feels like forever, I needed an outlet which could help both others and myself. Having loved writing from an early age, I decided to give blogging a try. I think an important thing my blog is doing is opening up the conversation about mental health; especially for those who feel alone in their struggles. I write personal posts which are filled with self discovery, optimism and positivity for those who are reading. However, I don't shy away from the difficult topics regarding mental health as I feel that mental health should be taken more seriously. I believe my own personal experiences will also help educate those who don't know a lot about mental health. In the future I hope to offer guest posts covering a wider range of mental illnesses.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging isn't just writing a couple of paragraphs and going on with your day. Blogging is something that takes time and effort to perfect - and I've noticed I am constantly learning and perfecting both my blog and my writing style. Blogging is a creative outlet that both teaches the writer and the readers. Due to this, blogging is an important tool for writers wishing to improve their skills and expertise. Also, blogging is a lot of fun!

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