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NameHannah Williams
Basic InfoThis self-titled blog features my poetry, short stories, poetry analysis pieces and book reviews. This little space on the internet with over 8000 unique views, 5000 visitors and over 170 lovely subscribers.
What Blog Means To YouTo me blogging is about expressing myself and providing content that I enjoy which in a way connects with others. I believe that blogging is how I express and perform my identity and the opportunity to share my identity with a community is something that I am grateful for. I am relieved to find an interest which encourages me to be the best version of myself and challenges me to be creative. I believe all the skills I have learnt through blogging has helped me in other areas of my life and all the life experiences I have, has also influenced my writing and blog. Therefore, I am grateful for the platform that blogging provides allowing me to share my insight, thoughts and creative writing within the blogging community.

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