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NameHannah Rudd
Basic started out life as 'Ecological Me', but has evolved to become both my personal website and my blog, featuring an eclectic array of educational, informative and inspirational posts with the aim of encouraging people to take steps to protect our oceans.‘Dive into the Deep’ encompasses an array of articles focussed on our oceans, from how you can get behind ‘World Oceans Day’ to ‘5 Sharks You May Not Know About’. The purpose of this section of my blog is to educate and inspire individuals by sharing my admiration for the oceans with them. If you respect something, you’re more likely to want to protect it, and that is my desired effect here.My latest ‘Leading Women in Marine Science’ interview series has connected female marine scientists across all career stages and from a multitude of diverse backgrounds all around the world, in a bid to represent the fantastic array of women working within the field. If this series inspires just one young girl to pursue a career within the marine sciences, I will be so happy.Recently, I have also introduced eco-friendly product reviews onto my blog whereby my audience has access to an array of simple swaps they can make in their households to reduce their plastic consumption and head toward a zero-waste lifestyle with ease. I have also been working closely with brands selected for this series to ensure that I am only promoting products that fall inline with both my audiences and my ethics.By the end of the year, my blog will also feature a travel series, documenting my tips and tricks for visiting the Western Cape in South Africa, following my recent volunteer placement with great white sharks in Gansbaai. This will also feature Florida, New Orleans, the Maldives and (hopefully) Sri Lanka by spring 2019.
What Blog Means To YouFor me, blogging is an opportunity to connect with people around the world and to share my passion for the oceans with them. Whether they leave my blogging having been inspired to follow a career within the marine sciences, wanting to lower their plastic consumption or simply gained an appreciation for our marine environments, everything makes my heart sing.Blogging is not only a fantastic platform for connecting people and for promoting scientific communication, but it is also an invaluable way to learn from others and their experiences. I have gained so many skills from blogging, such as organisation, time-management, communication, thanks to my involvement with other bloggers that have opened doors for me both inside and outside the online world. My blog has also provided me with confidence offline and the ability to pursue my ambition of generating positive change in our seemingly polarised world, by uniting people through the desire to protect our blue heart.We only have one planet, and our oceans are instrumental to both its health and the millions of species that call earth home. For me, blogging is one vital way that I can spread the message of sustainability and play my part in conserving this extraordinary planet that we are privileged to call home.

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