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NameFurious Filer
Basic InfoMy blog is basically a journey of one impatient girl who managed to teach herself to do cool designs on her nails in her spare time. I write (more often than not) sarky posts that include swatches, design ideas, nail art, reviews, tutorials and everything in between that revolves around the nail industry and I love it!
What Blog Means To YouI remember seeing someone's blog about nail art back in 2014 and decided I should start one too. Although I had precisely zero idea of how to go about it, I thought how difficult can it be?Well, I’ll give you an idea. After the first few weeks I changed my tag line to ‘the most impatient girl on the planet does nails’. My hands were so shaky and I didn't have proper tools which made me lose my temper quite a lot. But it wasn’t just about that. The technical side of blogging was so hard for me to grasp, from writing content that I liked to taking and editing pictures and everything in between. But because I’m stubborn I was determined to make it work and decided to keep my blog as a sort of diary of my nail designs and nail art fails, which it still is. I think the reason I continued with it is because it was and is to this day my creative outlet. Not just because I was painting nails but everything from writing to taking pictures was a creative process.I am actually a graduate scientist and was encouraged to pursue a ‘serious’ career from very early on. Well, I am now a nail technician and it’s all thanks to my blog. As it grew so did my skills and the feeling that if I want to pursue a creative job, I can. 4 years later, I am so glad that I stuck with blogging because it has been one of the best adventures and learning curves of my life.I feel that being kind of anonymous online initially gave me the platform to be a 100% honest, slightly sarcastic, weirdo me. And I am more than OK with that. Through my blog I discovered the nail community and was able to connect with people with the same passion and similar (and completely different!) personalities and make friends which has been a huge highlight for me.I also enjoy testing products and still get excited when I wait for the postman. I enjoy writing about it because I myself often look for opinions on products and always appreciate the bloggers honesty and it’s another way of connecting with others.

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