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NameFraser Smith
Basic InfoGetPsyched started as a YouTube channel in the middle of 2017. Our drive and vision is to develop content that looks at all things psychology. I post videos every week that look at different theories of psychology, how psychology can improve peoples lives and top tips for psychology students and qualified professionals. GetPsyched focusses on psychology as well as mental health, self improvement and motivation. I look at topics such as the psychology of self motivation, the psychology of visualisation, my top book recommendations in psychology and the psychology of awe, as well as so much more. Since starting, GetPsyched has developed a written blog and website, an audio podcast and has invested in communicating and reaching out on the GetPsyched social media accounts. Our vision is to be the psychology community where people that study and are qualified in psychology, as well as people generally interested in the field can come to learn more about psychology and how it can positively impact their lives in an easy to digest and entertaining format.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging for me is a way to connect with a wider audience on their level. For me it is a process and an ability to speak one on one with anyone anywhere in the world in a personable and interactive way. For me blogging is also a way to express myself and my passions. It is a way to communicate ideas and interact with people who are just as passionate as I am, and those that just want to learn more. My passion for blogging is as strong as my passion for psychology.

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