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NameFox Hollow Style
Basic InfoFox Hollow Style came about following the purchase of our 1980's bungalow and the resulting state of poverty that comes from buying a house. I wanted a home who's interior style reflects us, our personalities, our love of colour. Everything done in the house is budget friendly, DIY is by us, charity shop finds etc. I started with Instagram first, then this year started the blog. I am only sorry I didn't do it sooner, what a blast it is!
What Blog Means To YouI'm 43. I thought the time for discovering new love was long past , but look, I am wrong. Blogging is the reason I now keep a pen and paper by my bed, because some nights, just as I am getting to sleep, the figurative lightbulb goes off and I have to write down my thoughts. I think I have always been a creative, but this is another aspect of creativity that I didn't know was within me.

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