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NameFordy Runs
Basic InfoI started my Blog in January 2018 to track my progress as I trained for the London Marathon. It has been a passion of mine alongside my Fordy Runs Running Community which I started on Facebook to bring Runners together of all abilities who were going to races/events on their own (like me) so they could have someone at the race to hang out with or run with as some of these events can make you very nervous! My community has since continued to grow where we had over 40 runners at the Great North Run and at next years Big Half we will have nearly 100! The Blog has tracked the progress of my year including my different goals and challenges which along with my YouTube Channel's weekly VLOG I have tried to support and inspire all the Everyday Runner's out there who are training for a race/event, hitting the pavement or trail to get into shape or just running for the hell of it!
What Blog Means To YouFor me it is an awesome way of putting into words what I sometimes struggle to get across on my YouTube Channel and I can express more narratively my goals and accomplishments as I have been on this amazing journey achieving so much and meeting some awesome people along the way! The most thing I am excited about is how much it is going to get better next year as I once again take on the London Marathon and like I said attend so many events up and down the Country with Runners from my community. It is so cool to see people who are becoming friends in my Facebook group turn up and go out for a meal and then go run a Half Marathon together it is so inspiring!

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