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NameFleur Delailis
Basic InfoThis blog began about just over a year ago and I’m adamant to make it grow as it’s a platform where I can express my creativity. Fleur de Lailis came about as my nickname is Lailis and as I love French culture, I wanted to merge the Fleur de Lis with my nickname. It's a lifestyle blog with an environmental and eco-friendly twist on it. Posts are centred to advise and inform my readers of the growing concern of damage to our precious planet and guiding them on how to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more ethical lifestyle. Fleur de Lailis also features a lot of travel posts as I enjoy travelling and will be doing more so next year. It will become my virtual planning diary.
What Blog Means To YouIt's my creative outlet where I express my views on a particular subject - environment and animal welfare mainly. It's where I document my travels and connect with the community with like-minded people.

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