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Basic InfoAfter 6 years of long distance, Darren and Lauren quit their day jobs to live the day dream. Now they catch flights with each other instead of to see each other, documenting their tales and fails through their travel blog Faramagan. Far am a gan translates to “where am I going” from their Scot’s language, Doric. Likely muttered several times a day by this travelling twosome as their cheeky Scottish charm gets them into all sorts of epic adventures around the globe. Sharing budget advice, destination guides and non stop travel inspiration as they go.
What Blog Means To YouIt began as a way to let our mothers know we were still alive on our adventure. It soon grew into a means to share our highs and lows, tales & fails with others, in the hope it would inspire them to escape their comfort zone just like we did. Blogging allows us to showcase that it's ok not to follow society's expectation of career, marriage, children. It means the world to us, that we can share the world with others through our eyes and all through Faramagan.

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