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NameEwa Krzepisz
Basic InfoLet’s Eat Smart is a website devoted to simple, healthy and enjoyable cooking. You will notice that most of the recipes on here are vegan. Although I don’t ascribe to any one diet, I do try and eat what I like the most, which happens to be a lot of plants. This blog is also a community. I welcome readers to like and review my recipes as well as share their own. If you would like to share any of your recipes, please do! You can either create an account and submit a recipe for me to review, or better still, email me the recipe and I will try, photograph and publish it for you. Thanks for spending time on my site & I hope you enjoy.
What Blog Means To YouJust over a year ago, my interest in veganism turned into something more active and I decided that it was something I wanted to do. Living in the middle of Pershore in Worcestershire, where I have no access to fancy ingredients, going vegan seemed pretty much impossible. I struggled to find easy-to-follow vegan recipes and the ones I did find called for ingredients I’ve never even heard of, which is why I decided to start my own blog. I have never had a professional lesson and I am just an ordinary girl who loves cooking and attempting new recipes, and I just hope I can inspire others to not only start eating more heathy but also to encourage them to experiment in the kitchen. And to prove that healthy eating, really isn’t that hard.

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