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Never Settle was founded in January 2015, six months after I came out of a 4-year toxic relationship. I was blind to it and I thought it was normal. When I eventually started to question if this is what I wanted, it still took me six months to pluck up the courage to end things. I constantly questioned if I was making the right choice: no one would love me again, what if I never found anyone again? All my insecurities would have to be addressed in a new relationship – can I start all over again? Once I was single, it was like I became myself again – I regained my personality and could do things again. And I thrived, I love meeting people and I felt like I had a new lease of life. I found getting back in the dating game hard, I was messed around a few times, but overall I vowed I would never get in that position again. I refuse to be controlled, manipulated and put up with any form of abuse. I deserved more and I felt compelled to help others in the same position. I’ve seen friends with more passion and drive than anyone else I know, wilt away because they’ve become stuck in toxic relationships. It’s heart-breaking when you see your friend’s personalities literally draining out of them, but when you’re in that position, you don’t even realise it’s happening as it’s such a gradual transition. Entering the dating game, I learnt a lot. From commitment-phobes, new dating apps, one-night stands, ‘labels’, to my then long-distance relationship, I have developed a love of relationship and dating psychology, how men and women work – and how to genuinely get what you want whilst dating, by accepting and loving yourself. With a focus on millennial women, Never Settle focuses on specific content to promote women’s health, dating and love life, as well as offering support in all areas of relationships for both men and women. Never Settle pushes the latest trends to the forefront of discussion, tackling controversial and taboo subjects head on, and looks to provide a range of outcomes and a way of achieving them, based on a mixture of personal experience and extensive psychological and sociological research. My blog wasn’t created to complain, gloat or judge anyone, it’s there as a tool for anyone who wants to make themselves happier, better informed and ultimately more confident in their love lives. It is based on the belief that we only get one life, and you owe it to yourself to be happy. Don’t settle just because it feels comfortable or safe or that you’ll never find anyone else. Make risks, take chances, be brave.

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I started blogging, as most do, as a cathartic escape from the real world. Somewhere to write down my innermost thoughts, and share with a select group of readers. It gave me somewhere where I could discuss the issues I’d had in my relationships, dating and general life. Not in an overtly personal manner – but to genuinely figure out the meaning behind it all. Blogging gave, and still, gives me a space where I can be totally myself: I can talk about my anxiety, my dating failures and mistakes, going through breakups and coming out the other side: I can share things with my readers which I know will, in turn, help them. More recently, I use my blog as a tool to promote taboo subjects which NEED to be spoken about: Sexual health, mental illness, abortion, cheating and aging among others. Whether directly or indirectly, helping people through heartbreak, dating, relationship issues and learning who we are, fills me with so much happiness. Even if my readers just feel less alone because someone else has been through it too. As all us bloggers are aware, sometimes blogging isn’t easy – especially when juggling with all your other commitments: work, hobbies, partners, extracurricular courses and whatever else life decides to throw at you. Spending hours upon hours researching, thinking, hitting writing block walls, being inspired and upkeeping a blog takes real time. Not to mention the toll it takes on your own private life. It’s not the most conventional of things, running a dating and relationship blog, and it’s not as easily digested by everyone. But this is what I love, and I’m so happy people think highly of my creation too. Writing Never Settle may be hard at times, but I adore it with all my overly-romantic heart.

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