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NameEssentially Pop
Basic InfoEssentially Pop is an entertainment blog which covers music, films, tv, and books. We write about all your favourite artists - new and old, and about all genres, as our tag line is “Essentially Pop - pop essentials and a little bit more”. We’ve been instrumental in introducing a number of musical artists to U.K. and international audiences and are proud of our achievements. With a following of close to 50,0000 across our website and all social media (including my personal LinkedIn account where I have over 15,000 connections who regularly like and comment on our posts), we have seen our market grow exponentially since our very humble beginnings in January 2014. We particularly exploded this year, due to a concentrated effort on our content strategy, and have seen our website hits going from an average of 300 views per day to 1000, and we hope to improve on this in 2019 and beyond!
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is to me a way of life. It’s taken me from my small corner of London into the greenrooms and concert halls of the world. It’s given me confidence to know that I’m having a huge influence on the entertainment industry and being a force for good, in that I promote a positive outlook in every post I write. Blogging has given me the opportunity also to share my skills and talents and to put back into the blogging community by mentoring young writers who come to write for us and get their start at EP.

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