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NameElle Mary Jane
Basic InfoElle Mary Jane is a blog I created back when I was 13, purely for fun. Since then, my life has changed - things come and go but my blog has always remained. I blog for my own (and others) entertainment and I blog to get myself through the hard days! My blog has evolved into my own creative outlet where I share anything that is on my mind.
What Blog Means To YouHaving suffered with anxiety for the past 2 years, there have been times I've felt like I'm capable of very little, I've even struggled to leave the house at some points. Blogging has given me something to be passionate about, something to fight for and more importantly, something I feel I can be good at. Something that not everybody does. Even more so, blogging has introduced my to a community of like-minded, supported individuals and made me feel a part of something really beautiful.

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