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Basic InfoI am Abbie, aka Dream0graphy. I am a powerful, Plus Size young woman, that has developed a fire in her heart for body positivity - and my blog reflects just that. I am passionate, and write to empower ALL women, not exclusively bigger women like myself. My aim is for every individual to read my blog, and come away feeling inspired, motivated and empowered. I document both my ups and downs, both on my blog and my Instagram, where I grow every single day. I never delete images as they show my journey and progression into the person I am today. My story started with me hiding away, and I like to think of myself, with each blog post, taking off a layer of those oversized clothes, and revealing the true me. I want to empower everybody around me.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging has saved me. Blogging has changed my life. It has evolved my perspective on the world. I used to live inside a shell, and blogging has allowed me to thrive outside of it. I wake up every day to messages from people of all backgrounds, asking for advice or saying that they feel a connection to me. Blogging makes me feel connected to everybody. It makes me whole.

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