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At the heart of my Instagram is interiors based and that is the lens that everything else is seen through. I take my audience with me when I attend events. Sharing what the Speakers are saying and adding my opinion too. At the weekend I cook mainly Caribbean food and show how I do it showing the pots I cooked them in. I show what I'm wearing often whilst walking to an event. Instagram stories is updated daily I often send out positive messages at the start of the day...My son is a professional Singer and my daughter is a professional DJ and their gigs often get a look in on my stories.

What Blog Means To You

Sharing my design knowledge in my own way. Finding an audience of people who look forward to what I post. Chatting in my DM's to the people who want to know more about something or just want to echo what I have just said. It's such a great feeling to know that I'm able to help and advice people just through sharing my day.

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