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NameDavid Anglin
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My blog is my platform for showcasing short stories that I create and the surreal and abstract art concepts that I think up. The short stories are usually themed around fantasy or real life scenarios that takes a deep dive look into UK street life and all that comes with it as I've worked with young offenders for a long time so have real life insights into this world. The art I create follows a similar pattern where it will either be fantasy but based on deeper ideologies and thoughts or it'll be based on street life and the effects it can have.

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For me blogging is part of what I do, its a way of life for me, how I get up and brush my teeth each morning is the same way how I write short stories or develop art concepts that I put out on my blog to showcase to the world. It's my catharsis and my way of making sense of some of the unusual places I find myself in or making sense of some of the unusual situations told to me.

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