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NameCraft blog club
Basic Info#CraftBlogClub is a Twitter chat, for people who love to craft. A non-selling. non-promotional chat, unlike many others, based around simply sharing what we love with likeminded people. With fun challenges and gift swaps along the way. I began guest hosting in 2017, and summer 2018 became the only person responsible for the chat, I added some changes, some structure and created The blog was created in summer 2018 as a central "hub" where people could find out more, meet some of the regular, chatters and see what is happening.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is an outlet, a way to share my creativity with others, and meet like-minded people. I think it's a great thing for mental health, and believe that bloggers are becoming a closer-knit community, vs previous ideas of competition. I'm also a blogger outside of #CraftBlogClub, running two of everything can be hard work sometimes, but the group makes it worth it. Through #CraftBlogClub I have made friends online with people I would otherwise never have met, from all over the world, from different walks of life. We're there for each other. It's about more than crafts.

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