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NameCorrie's rabbit food
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I wanted to create a vegetarian food blog that was a bit more relatable to people like myself –a size 12, 30-something vegetarian who worked 5 days a week. I was tired of clean eating beauties clogging up my instagram feed with their perfect lives, it was time for some imperfection. So for the past three years, I have written one easy and delicious meat free recipe every Monday, in an attempt to inspire my followers to get their meat-free on – and all without a single stuffed pepper in sight! I have a simple, light-hearted, funny approach to food blogging and document how I stumble and haphazardly eat my way through life.

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Blogging to me was a bit like getting my first tamagotchi. It's a bigger commitment than you ever imagined but you adapt your life to look after and nurture it. You grow to love it and sometimes you may even hate it but you can't imagine your life with it, that is until your older brother throws it down the toilet... Luckily my Mac is too big to fit down a toilet and my brother now lives in Hertfordshire.

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