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NameCockney in the countryside
Basic InfoI started my blog in August 2018. Two years ago I made the move from the East End of London to the Cambridgeshire countryside. I write about my journey from. Cockney to Countrylife and my adventures along the way. I write about parenting with my 3 children and my sons journey with autism. I also write a lot of humour which are in my survival. Guides to parenting. I like to cover current affairs in our local area and keep my new community involved.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging has become my outlet. It has fast become my favourite hobby and a way to release my feelings and make. Contact and friends within my new community. I have met some wonderful people due to the success of my blog in Cambridgeshire and have found a new lease in life. As a stay at home. Parent it is easy to feel. As if you are just "a parent" my writing has given me my Co fidence back and a way to build a new career.

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