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NameChart Watch
Basic InfoI write a weekly summary of the UK pop charts, aimed at both stimulating the dedicated pop and charts fan, but also serving as a useful guide to those whose interest has lapsed or is merely occasional. I started writing these commentaries online back in 1992, and for many years I was employed to write them for a number of high profile music websites. Since their demise I've taken full ownership of the work, publishing them personally but also granting access to the entire 25 year archive of analysis. Chart Watch UK serves as both an entertaining weekly read and a fascinating document of a quarter of a century of popular music history.
What Blog Means To YouI started writing with one purpose in mind. The nascent internet had the potential to serve as a vast fount of human knowledge. I believed to be a good citizen of this space, you had to make your own contribution. This was my way of doing so. And it still is. I give you my thoughts and my words online, so that you can be entertained and informed by them.

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