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NameCharlotte Underwood Author
Basic InfoI like to blog about my first person experiences of living with mental heath,especially the really taboo topics. If I can't write about a mental illness (as I don't want to assume what it's like) I love to have guest bloggers share their stories. Basically, my blog shows the real, candid lIves of those with mental illness. My only goal is to get people talking, for to reasons: a. Remove sigma b. Let people know they are not alone and there i's hope.
What Blog Means To YouTwo years ago, I had to leave my job due to a huge mental health relapse. I struggled to cope without purpose. Blogging gave me a way to find that purpose as well as giving me passion for the first time in my life. Blogging has saved my life through becoming my therapy but it also helps others and that's priceless.

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