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NameCharlene McElhinney
Basic InfoMy blog is an open book. I began blogging roughly 2-3 years ago, to help with my mental illness, I wanted to share my experiences with others. This opened a whole can of worms for me as I rediscovered a passion for writing (which I am now studying at university)! My blog is a safe space for me to write and also for others to swing by and take comfort from. I write about life, people, products, mental illness, coping mechanisms and just a little-bit-of-everything really!
What Blog Means To YouEverything. I have met some of my greatest friends through the 'blogging community'. Every day, the blogging community is where I seek encouragement and support, it is my safe haven. Blogging allows me to not feel so alone in this world. It allows me to get my thoughts out there and lets them be heard. Blogging is simply wonderful. The best thing I ever did was start a blog.

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SecondaryMental Health

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